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The Weimaraner  from the Weimaraner Association

Size - Dogs about 24-27 inches to the shoulder - Bitches about 22-25 inches to the shoulder . 

Weight - on average between 25-32 kilos. 

Life expectancy
8-10 years is usual, many reach 14 or 15 years with the right care. 

- A weimar is happy to work a full day if thats what you want. You will rarely tire them to exhaustion as an adult. As a minimum they will expect a good hour run out each day, but this will only build muscle unless the dog is allowed to use its brain at the same time i.e. hunting stalking scenting, so interesting ground is always best to keep them alert.

Are they good with children - Teach the pup and the child. Don't let the one pull and tease and prod and ride the dog and don't let the other play too roughly or knock over the child
Both can hurt each other unintentionally, but once the dog has learned what to do it will adopt the child and look after it. In a family the children and dogs can become inseperable but always supervised!

With other pets? - opinions vary .. but generally as with any introduction, handled with care and managed properly, you will get a good result, although cats birds and rabbits are pre-programmed in as food . . . it is first and foremost a gundog and a very intelligent one too.

Do I have a dog or bitch? - Depends on what you prefer and circumstances.
A dog is larger and heavier and spends the first two years trying to be dominant until it works out who's boss ! him or you. Bitches learn more quickly and can be difficult if she chooses. From about 9-12 months She will also have about 2 seasons a year with moods and some mess. 

Does a bitch need to have a litter? - Absolutely not, although it is better to let her have a season or two before you consider spaying, if thats your wish.

The Gundog - a fully functioning Hunt,Point, Retriever, and it does all very well given the right training. Pre-programmed with a directive to put food on the table and get rid of vermin. It is utterly determined and 100% fixated on game. It has an exceptional nose. They are also massively intelligent - [although over the years this has been tempered by the "english" do this training attitude.] gets bored without purpose and will pay you no heed whatsoever until you have proven yourself to be worthy if its ability to work. They will do as they're told if its put into context of its work. It is certainly an affectionate breed but it will use your need for its affection to get its own way, just like us humans.
That's the downside - The upside is, get it right and  not treat it like a fool and the weimaraner will leave most other breeds standing when it comes to game finding, producing and treatment with resilience speed energy. It will hunt across a moor all day without flagging with a pace similar to the Desert Arab triple and has uncanny ability to find game, partly because its brainy and learns exponentially, partly because it adapts methods and pace to suit scenting conditions and partly because is has to find.

Why hasn't every shoot got one? - The Weimaraner is not that well known on shoots in the UK, ironic when you think it was first bought into the country for just that purpose. And frankly, it's distinctive and showy and until gamekeepers have been exposed to their exceptional abilities, they tend not to trust something that looks so different and doesn't thrive on a series of little tests when training.

Most suited to -
Picking - up          YES
Counting               SUPERB
Beating                 YES but care as they are competitive
Rough Shooting   VERY MUCH SO works better one on one
Deer Stalking       YES
Boar Shooting      BORN TO IT

Photo's by Andy & Mandy Beagrie

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