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Country: CZ  Date: 30 Aug 2010 09:59:10 GMT

Comment: Beutiful website and lovely Weimaraners. Wish you all the best in show career!! Greetings, Ina

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Country: UK  Date: 13 Sep 2011 20:28:00 GMT

Comment: Very good set up Mandy,good luck with the ultrasound scanning.

Name: Laurence Email:
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Country: UK  Date: 11 Nov 2011 11:22:59 GMT

Comment: I love the idea of your new business venture with Ultrasound. I sincerely wish you the best. The dogs look beautiful. Hope you are both well. How about a Bio of each of you on the web site, I'm sure customers would like to know a little about you. Also perhaps a page detailling your show success to stimulate your stud business, I have no doubt Chester would appreciate it! All the very best, Laurence

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Country: UK  Date: 24 Dec 2011 20:50:04 GMT

Comment: All your dogs look lovely and fit. good luck with the showing.

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Country: UK  Date: 18 Mar 2012 23:29:53 GMT

Comment: We have a lovely bitch from Chester and Ellie born Oct 2010. D'Arcy enjoys her west of Scotland suburban home and local walks in Milngavie and Mugdock. She has also benefited from excellent weimar training from Andy and |Tracy Kousourou Weimaraner Club of Scotland


Photo's by Andy & Mandy Beagrie

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